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New Products

Water Resistant Digital Calipers (patent)
Patent NO.: ZL 98 2 19548.6
Patent Certificate NO.: 346132

The displacement sensor is back placed to protect against mechanical stress and
electro-magnetic disturbance to guarantee extremely reliable measurement.
Matt chrome background for glare-free reading of scale and graduation
Water Resistant Digital Calipers (patent)
Patent NO.: ZL 98 2 17489.6
Patent Certificate NO.: 340234

The caliper changes linear displacement measurement into angular displacement 
measurement by magnifying it proportionally with precision mechanical transmission system to allow reading from large LCD.

The sensor sealed in a metal compartment to protect against oil, water, dust and electron-magnetic disturbance to ensure perfect reliability.
Three-Point Digital Caliper/  Five-Point Digital Caliper

Digital Test Indicator ( Patent)

The digital test indicator offers simple error-free digital reading.

Low measuring force.

The measurement data can be output to an external processor.


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Water-Proof Electronic outside  micrometers


 12201-621-.jpg (1760 bytes) 

-Digit Micrometer Serials

 Three-Point Internal Micrometers


1.Electronic Three-Point Internal 
2.with Interchangeable Measuring Rods

Indicating Snap Micrometers


Dial Snap Gauge


Electronic Indicators


Electronic Caliper Gauges

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