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      MB-B CZ-6C  CZ-8C

Non-fine adjustment magnetic Base
  The products are widely used in mechanical processing, parts measuring, equipment correcting, for holding with dial indicators and dial test indicators.


Magnetic Base
  The products are designed and improved with fine adjustment or with fine adjustment.


   CZ-6CL  WCZ-6CL

Magnetic Base With Long Stem
  The products with main stem and assistant stem is lengthened and thickened on the base of fine adjustable and non-fine adjustable magnetic stand to reach ideal strength and height in using.


Circle-shaped Structure magnetic Base
  This product is made up of rare-earth Magnetic Material (Nd-Fe-B) with unique inner structure which ensures high magnetic power & easy handling operation.

   WCZ-6CE   CZ-6CE

Universal Mechanic MAGNETIC BASE
  This product is perfectly designed and can be fixed on any position by tighten only one knob. It is flexible and functional in measurement of workpiece and rectify of instrument.


Flexible magnetic base
  This is the latest product of our factory, which is made by imported technology with the features of stem flexes almost 360<Φ quick locking collar. It's an ideal testing tool at random angle and internal hole
Hydraulic Universal Magnetic Base
  This product can be adjusted at direction or positions by hydraulic device with fine adjustment & V-slot, and with for fixing adjusted direction or position.

   WV-2   WV-1
Mini Magnetic Base
  The product is used for the function of dial test indicator. The main body of the product is made of mechanical universal device and additional rod.
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