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   MS-2   MS-1

Micrometer Stand
  The product is used for the holding of outside Micrometer of other gauges which have frame area sufficient to grab onto.


Bakker Madava
  The product is used for cooling liquid for Machine tools.


Square Type Magnetic Block Model KY
  It is useful as a holder for precision work in measuring. marking and other similar operation.

∠Magnetic V-Block
 It's useful for grinding workpieces which are hard to be ground.


Magnetic Lamp
  The product is used for lighting of the working of machine tools work table. It is also used for safe installation on inclined or vertical surface. Lighting direction can be flexibly adjusted.

   MB-10     MB-8

Magnetic V Block
  It is idea for holding round and irregular shapes for scribing, grinding, Measuring and Machining.

  KVH-1A  KVH-2A  KVS-2B

Magnetic triangle table V-Block:
  The product is used for marking, precision measuring, grinding and boring round bar and other similar operations. Magnetic force works on V-face, upper face and side face for some model).

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