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  This tester is suitable for the quick hardness test of metal materials. They feature high accuracy, reliable performance, easy operation and convenient taking. The measured
Leeb hardness can be converted into the hardness of Brinell, Rockwell, Vickers and Shore according to different directions and can be converted and recorded automatically.
Specifications of display unit 
   Power supply: 6.0V DC
   Working temperature: 1-40 °C
   Dimensions: 268 x 86 x 47mm
   Weight: approx. 0.67kg 
Main accessories
   Small positioned: 1 pc.
   Binder: 1 bottle 
   Leeb standardized block: 1 pc.
   Charger: 1 pc.

Specifications of impact body

Type D DC D+15 G
Measuring range 330-890HL 330-890HL 346-890HL 300-650HLG
Impact capacity 11Nmm 11Nmm 11Nmm 90Nmm
Dimensions Φ20x150mm Φ20x85mm Φ20x165mm Φ20x250mm
Testing direction Arbitrary
Weight 75g 50g 80g 250g
Mass of impact body 5.5g 5.5g 5.5g 20g

Diameter of tungsten carbide ball

3mm 3mm 3mm 5mm
Application range

Basic type, suitable for most of hardness tests.

Suitable for hard- ness  measuring of inner holes and small space. 

Suitable for deter- mining hardness of tooth face and slots, etc.

Suitable for hardness measuring of steel, cast steel, gray cast iron,  nodular cast iron and non-ferrous metals

The Readout Microscopes, Model JC10, JC5, JC2.5, are designed for determining the diameter of indentation
Brinell hardness testing. They can also be used for measuring the width and length of scale mark, slit, key slot and dent, as well as checking metal case quality, density of fiber and field specimens, etc.

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