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                Model JGL120-5B Dumpling Maker
    Model     JGL120-5B      JGL135 ¡¡
Capability   7200 pcs/hour  8100 pcs/hour  
Dumpling's weight      15 - 20g     12 - 17g
Total output         1.1kw     1.1kw
Machine's weight        160kg     160kgs
Dimensions  990X470X1150mm  990X470X1150mm
¡¡   Model JGL135 Dumpling Maker
  Brief introduction: The preset automatic dumpling forming machine can change both the thickness of the wrapper and the volume of  filling  of dumplings. The main part or components of  machines use stainless steel.   
   Easy operating

A- Changing   forming part.

B-adjust the wrapper of the flour.

C-adjust the stuffing

         A          B          C


Forming fried dumpling       Dumplings    Spring roll       Hundun


Forming samosa        Samosa   Fried dumpling   Mini dumpling
                        Main parameters of dumpling maker's  products
  Name   Dumpling  Spring roll  Fried dumpling    Samosa  Hundun   Mini dumpling
 weight  12 - 20g ¡¡50-60g     28-35g   13-20g  6-10g   5 - 8g
  size  65X35mm¡¡  110X42mm     90X45mm   65X65mm
DPX45 stuffing cutter Application£ºThe machine is used for making all meat and vegetable stuffing for hotel, restaurants cafeterias or dining rooms of offices, factories and mines. It is also suitable for forming a complete set with all kinds of stuffing machine.

Main specifications:

¡¡  Capability Cutter speed Plate speed  Net weight  Dimensions
160 kg/hour 1400rpm 22rpm 96kg 615X595X532mm
 Structural Features£ºThe machine consists of four major parts with material plate, cutter shaft group, bottom pedestal and dust cover. It is set with safety devices, put down the dust cover and press sown the bolt of self-locking device, then turning on the machine¡£
Eggroll wrapper maker  Output 1000pc/hour            

¡¡     products



Products size 200X200mm
Thickness 0.4¡«0.8mm
Total power 30Kw,380V
Measurement ¡¡
Main  machine 202X109X184cm
Cutting machine 146X350X950cm
Weight 800kg
 Character£º1.The model of heating is directly electric heating with the function of keeping temperature constant, and it is economizing energy, high  efficient.  2.The main transmission system adopts stepless speed regulation, It's reliable in work and convenient in maintenance. 3.The function of reserved counting and the wrapper's automatic folding in available in the cutting machine , Its automation is rather high.

           HTG26 walnut Cake Automatic Forming  Machine

Main products   Walnutcake            Products  


Quantity of mold 26  pieces
Motor  0.55kw
Fuels Coal gas 2.2kg/h
Capacity 1800 pcs/h
Dimensions  275X135X176cm
Weight 1100kg
Shaping model: It can be made specially depending on user's demand, such as walnut , chestnut, peach, banana models and etc.
Character of the machine :It is compact and well organized, ingenious, economizing energy. it has automatic degree, not damage the composition of food during processing . The finished products either eat immediately or keep in reserve, It is suited for middle or small enterprise and commercial shops.

                   BWL Stuffing Mixing Machine

  BWL50 stuffing mixing machine

    Model      BWL50       BWL100
  Max quantity of mixing    50 Kg                100 Kg
  Mixing time    30 min      35 min
  Rotation speed of mixer     52 rpm      62 rpm 
  Motor capacity     1.1 Kw      1.1 Kw
  Weight      140 Kg ¡¡
  Dimensions  860X450X900mm 1080X480X1100mm
Feature£ºThe distinctive stirrer is used in this machine, It can make stuffing fabric slimy and animal protein move freely . It makes sure that stuffing is evenly stirred and slack. The mixing delicious, tender and beautifully. The part which condiment is sucked efficiently to confirm stuffing slack, contact with food are made from stainless steel. Applications£ºBWL series of mixing machine  are fitted for mixing  meat or meat-vegetable stuffing for food services, food factory and restaurant.


Application £ºModel HWT10 flour mixing machine is a patent product which was developed by our factory for the food  processing plant. The  machine  can mix both flour and stuffing, it's more  suitable for small-size food processing and dinning room. 
¡¡  Flour quantity  Flour's time  Stuffing quantity Stuffing 's time  Speed  Dimensions
 10kg/per 5¡«6min 25kg/per 6¡«8min 30r.p.m 595X360X625mm
Stucture£º1.The machine consists of flour hopper, stuffing hopper, the base, the motor and the transmissions. The main parts are made of stainless steel which is up to the standard of food hygiene.2.Eliptic stirrers are adapted  with the function of rolling, kneading ,crashing and mixing . It is very useful for the glutens forming and the texture of lump is even. 3.The double stirrers are adapted in hopper which circle oppositely. So the stuffing mixing is even and the effect is the best.4.The machine  is small in volume, high in  efficiency, reasonable  in structure convenient in operation and maintenance.


  Model     HWT25         HWT50
Rated quantity of flour 25 kg/once          50kg/once
Mixing time 8 ¡«10min/once 8 ¡«10min/once
Mixer's rotational speed 45rpm      
Motor power 2.2Kw 3.55Kw
Net weight 200kg 360kg
External dimensions 600X750X970mm 1110X630X1070mm
Feature£ºThe machine is simple in structure, stable in operation, high in efficiency, even in mixing. The part which contact  with the food are made of stainless steel. It is easy to clean , to operate and to service. This machine is the most ideal equipment to take place of handmising.Application £ºThe machine is used t

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