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 JGL135 dumpling maker     DPX45 stuffing cutter HWT10 flour mixing machine
The food machine for restaurant to make dumplings
 Number     Model    The name of machine Quantity      Introduction
   1     JGL135 Dumpling maker   1set It can change forming part
   2     DPX45 Stuffing cutter   1set Cutting vegetable  granule
   3     HWT10 Flour mixing machine    1set Mixing flour and stuffing


Rapid Frozen Dumpling Producing  Line (240Kg/hour)
 Number   Model     Name  Quantity  Factory  Introduction          
 1   JGL120-5B dumpling maker  1-2set   ours JGl135 or JGl180
 2    HWT50 flour mixer   2set   ours mixing flour      
 3  DPX45 stuffing cutter   2set   ours  cutting vegetable
 4  BWL100 stuffing mixer   1set   ours mixing stuffing
 5 SDT240 rapid freezer   1set   ours freezing food
 6  SSJ35 food conveyor   1set   ours conveying food
Rapid  Frozen Dumpling  Producing  Line (120Kg/hour)
 Number   Model   Name  Quantity Factory       Introduction
  1 JGL120-5B dumpling maker  1-2set   ours JGL135 or JGL180
  2 HWT25 flour mixer   2set   ours mixing flour
  3 BWL50 stuffing mixer    2set   ours  mixing stuffing
  4 DPX45 stuffing cutter   1set   ours cutting vegetable
  5 SDT120 rapid freezer   1set   ours freezing food
  6 SSJ35 food conveyor     1set   ours conveying food

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