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Automatic all-purpose machine to make dumpling, fried dumpling, square dumpling, spring roll, curry puff and noodle.(HLT-630)

Mixed paste and stuffing are put into the designated entrance of machine which is specially designed. After the machine is turned on, dumpling, fried dumpling, square dumpling, spring roll, curry puff and noodle can be made automatically.

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1. Multi-functional machine.

As long as the moulds are changed, various kinds of  food can be made, such as dumpling, fried dumpling, square dumpling, spring roll, curry puff, solid noodle and hollow noodle.

2. The thickness of puff peel and the quantity of stuffing can be regulated freely.

3. The specifications of  the products are in good order.

dumpling:  weight: 6-18 grams, length: 4.5-7.2 centimeters,  width: 2-3.5 centimeters

fried dumpling: weight: 25--45 grams, length: 10.5--12.5 centimeters, width: 3.5 centimeters

curry puff: weight:15--18 grams, length: 6.5 centimeters height: 5 centimeters

spring roll: weight: 22--75 grams, length: 7--11 centimeters width: 3--4.5 centimeters

square dumpling: weight: 5--16 grams, length: 2.8--4.5 centimeters, width: 2.4--4.5 centimeters

4. Suitable for various cooking methods.

Dumplings can be steamed, cooked and fried. Spring roll and curry puff are especially delicious when they are fried in deep oil. The cooked tasteful noodle is parallel to the rolled noodle.

The most important thing is that they are suitable for instant freezing, long preservation and are the ideal food for microwave stove.

5. Simple operation with less time and effort.

It takes much time and effort to make dumpling, spring roll, fried dumpling, curry puff, square dumpling and noodle by hand. But it is easy to operate this machine, even the inexperienced can also operate it with high speed, less time and effort.

6. Perfect design; Made of stainless steel; With advantages of hygiene and elegance.

7. Water-proof body; Easy to be disassembled, assembled and washed.

8. Ingenious structure; Small take-up.

Machine size: 1050(length)*500(width)*151(height) millimeter

Weight : 240 kilograms

9. High quality.

dumpling: 8000 pieces per hour spring roll: 2400 pieces per hour

fried dumpling: 4800 pieces per hour curry puff: 6800 pieces per hour

noodle: 100 kilograms per hour square dumpling: 5000pieces per hour

10. The machine has a safe device.

If anything strange falls into the stuffing system, the machine will open the safe device automatically to avoid the loss caused by the damage of components.

11. The electric power: the motor: 2 horsepower

The electric power: 380 volts, 50/60 HZ, parameter phase

The electric section is installed with a safe device. If the machine is overloaded or the motor is broken down, the switch will close automatically, resulting in no electric disaster.

12. Reasonable price; Retrievable investment;

Suitable for wide usage in food factories.

This kind of machine is only sold in the domestic market. Exportation is not permitted.

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