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Semi-Universal Dividing Head is a simplified type of Universal index Center and can be used for direct and indirect dividing. No accessories for the differential dividing and spiral work are included, but the whole construction of the dividing head and tailstock are identical with those of the universal type.
The unit has a Direct indexing Plate with 24 holes enabling the direct of 2,3,4,6,8,12 and 24 divisions. Three further Indexing Plates are provided as standard to facilitate indirect of all divisions from 2 to 50 and also most useful divisions up to 380

The HOMGE'S Universal Dividing Head has been designed to carry out all types of gear cutting. Precision dividing and spiral work (except Type BS-0 and BS-1)with greater precision and efficiency than has been possible before, The center face can be tilted form a horizontal position of 90 xdown to -10 xfrom vertical, and inclinations can be read off a scale graduated in degrees.
The center is built to highest engineering standards and is factory inspected and tested to assure complete satisfaction. The ratio of worm to gear is 1:40.




The Simple Indexing Spacer can be mounted on milling machines, drilling machines and other machine tool where an indexing facility is required. The 3 jaw chucks of both the CC-6" and the CC-8" models have a large through bores of 44mm and 63mm respectively. These Indexing Spacers are designed for use in horizontal or vertical positions. The master indexing plate has 24 divisions and is permanently fixed inside the indexer. Divisions of 2,3,4,6,8 and 12 can also be achieved by use of the sub-plates, which can be installed quickly as follows:

1.Open Rear Cover
2.Insert Plate
3.Close Cover
4.Loosen locking Handle
5.Move Dividing Pin so as to separate it from the Master Plate
6.Turn the Chuck. When the Master Plate and Sub Plate are aligned the Pin will lock into the slot automatically.
7.Fasten Locking Handle ready for machining.


In addition to all of the features of the Simple Indexing Spacer, the Super Indexing Spacer as it also incorporates a Worm Gear and is supplied with a Face Plate .With the further addition of the optional Dividing Plate Set it can also be used as a Dividing Head.

.The WORM is hardened and precision ground to minimizes the wear of the WORM GEAR.


The work table is graduated 360 degrees around its circumference and is driven by a precision worm and Gear providing a 90:1 reduction ratio.
One turn of the Handle moves the Table through 4 degrees.
The dial is graduated in divisions of 1 min. and the vernier scale allows readings down to 10 seconds.
.The Worm is hardened and precision ground to minimize wear of the WORM GEAR.
.Both the upper and the lower surface of our ROTARY PLATES are precision ground.

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