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Indexable end mills for profile cutting, shoulder,
facing used in mold manufacturin

 Tools type: Indexable end millsIndexable end mills with center cutter, Indexable round insert end mills, Indexable drilling end mills, Ballnose end mills, Changeable end mills.
DiameterD12, D14, D16, D20, D25, D32, D40.
Adopt unique designed blade which has both sharpness and high strength.

All materials can be milled with a simple insert grade change, easily cutting stainless steel, normal steel, cast iron and Aluminum-alloy.
With long type shank, you can make deep cutting.

Indexable Face Mills

Normal indexable face mills (Kr=90,45,R-type).
High speed and high precision adjustable indexable face mills.
More lighter by adopting Aluminum-alloy for body, high precision changeable cartridges and adjustable structure ensure high dimension accuracy. Large side rake make cut lightly, You may get the max. speed and feed if use PCD inserts.


Arbor and Pull Stud for Machining Center

End Mill Holder
Morse Taper Arbor with Tang
Drill Chuck Adapter
Side Cutter Arbor
TMG21 Modular Tool System
Other Arbor and Pull Stud for Machining Center
Tool taper comes up to ISO7388, MAS403BT, DIN69871, ANSI B5.50CAT etc.
Pull studs comes up to ISO7388/2, DIN69872, ANSI B5.50, MAS403-1975, etc.

Indexable NC Turning Tools

Tools type: Top Hole Clamping and Screw on
Lead Angle: 90,75, 45, 60, 10730, 93, 95, 50, 63, 11730, 6230, 7230, 120.
H value16, 20, 25, 32.
Tool Length70, 80, 100, 125, 150, 170, 180, 200, 250, 300.
Parting off and Grooving Tools.Boring Bars
External and Internal Threading Tools.

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