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SDS2 Series กก  SDS2 series general-purpose digital display meters can match with different machine tools, for example: SDS2-2M special for milling machine, SDS2-3E special for electrical machine tools, SDS2-2G special for grinding machine, SDS2-2L special for turning lathe. Thus, SDS2 is a popular series of digital display meters covering the widest application range.
กก  SDS3  series is specifically designed for those uniaxial measuring customers due to its small size, competitive price and uncompromising performance.
SDS8 Series กก  SDS8 is a professional version of digital display series especially designed for milling machine, boring machine, measuring apparatus and specialized controlling machine. SDS8 has 5 models available: (1) SDS8-2A (2) SDS8-3A (3) SDS8-2B (4) SDS8-3B (5) SDS8-3E (powerful-performance digital display meter, which is able to realize the output control on one/multiple points reaching the designated position.)
KA Series กก KA series linear encoder: Each of such linear encoders has to go through strict checkups and tests, in the meantime the most advanced dynamic laser control technology is also utilized in order to ensure the precision of each linear encoder within the stipulated limits before leaving the factory.
Attachment   Accessories  We also provides different machine tools with various hardware installation accessories, which not only allow the digital display devices to be widely applied in a variety of environments, but also greatly facilitate the installation and use of such digital display devices.

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