Single head 3D crystal Engraving machine

Output Wavelength: 0.532m
Laser Midium: Nd:YAG
Pulse duration: 10ns
Marking speed: 6000-8000 dot/min
Mirror scanning moving range: 70mm70mm100mm
Ambient temperature: (2938)K
Power supply voltage: AC220V 50Hz
Control software: Win98/2000, AutoCAD R 14
Import file formats: DXF, ASC, 3DS, 3Dmax, BMP
Volume: 1100mm(L)690mm(W)960mm(H)
Weight : 160kg
Cooling system (including the cabinet): water cooling system (485868cm, 30kg)
The Laser Sculpture is a type of product with high technology. Its manly used for 3D image in the crystal without any damage. The customer very love this equipment because it can sculpture 3D image with high resolution.
high-power pulsed laser, a mirror-array scanner, and a CNC computer-controlled system; it produces over 100 points per second, engraves the 3D points matrix model into the crystal, and completes a personalized crystal product within 10 minutes.


•  High Resolution:
The resolution is better than 300 dpi, producing clear details in a crystal superior to other products.
•  High-Speed:
Using vibration mirror design to enable high-speed scanning of laser points in crystal. The efficiency of the production can be as high as 98%.
•  High-Stability:
The laser device is enclosed air-tight, effectively eliminating dust, moisture, prolonging the life of the laser and reducing the maintenance time.
•  Easy to use:
Optimized design and user-friendly interface make it easy to operate.
•  Easy to Maintain:
The laser is specially designed to easily change the light tube. Modular design enables easy maintenance and changing parts without special training requirement, saving precious running time and maintenance cost.